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Ten80 are a content-driven production company with one eye on the future. We work with companies and corporations, large and small, delivering persuasive video across multiple platforms, from digital and web to broadcast and events. Ten80 produce video in support of marketing, digital, customer testimonial, product/service launches, internal comms, events, PR campaigns, point of sale and more. We pride ourselves on our creativity, technical craft and client experience. How will you use video within your marketing & digital strategy in the future?

01 ideas

How will you use video within your digital marketing and communications in the future? Over seventy percent of all data delivered to hand-held devices will be video by the year 2017. In a fractured digital world, you have multiple channels and an easily distracted audience, but great video can help you unify your message. If you give your audience the option to click play, they will do it. So who is your audience? What do you want to persuade them of? What story do you want to tell?

02 create

Perhaps you wish to draw in new customers, demonstrate your product, launch your service, communicate to staff, build your brand presence or simply breathe motion in to your web site? Put the medium of video to work. From planning through to post, creativity underpins our entire approach. We will help you demonstrate or educate, explain or entertain, inform and inspire.

03 produce

Ten80 combine high production values with a cost efficient approach to production. We have solutions for most budgets and delivering value for our clients is key. Whether producing in the field or in the studio, successful production begins with experienced planning. We've developed an approach which guarantees timely delivery while ensuring the necessary space for creativity to flourish.

04 film

We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and experience, both in the field and in the studio. Each shot is the building block of a story, and it is this which feeds our approach to camerawork. Treating each subject appropriately in terms of style and lighting is second nature to us. We own/operate our own HD and 4k cameras, lighting and sound kit, and we travel extensively.

05 edit

We love editing. There's huge satisfaction in combining shots and building sequences; knitting together killer images, a persuasive narrative and a stomping track. But in editing, experience counts. What works for one audience will leave another cold. So at Ten80 we think hard about your audience. What will inspire them? What's the right tone? The appropriate voice? Pace and duration? Graphics and animation style? What's the hook and how do we deliver a call to action?

06 amplify

Thinking about how to distribute and amplify your message via video is a key part of your digital communications strategy, or at least it should be. Video is most effective when embedded and integrated within your communications. Across the multiple channels which exist today, video helps unify your message. Effective video has greater reach too. How will you use video in your marketing and communications in the future?

Dave Brewis

Director / Producer

Buzz Watson discovers a body during his first drive-along as a reserve officer. The discovery not only jeopardizes a big-bucks wedding, but also Flynn and Provenza’s plans to take the squad to a Fourth of July baseball game.

Raffi has fears that Hildy’s continuing murder probe will impact her own case. Meanwhile, a defense team enlists an acclaimed attorney, and emerging evidence suggests that an inspector was murdered.

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Our Work

Ten80 work with companies and institutions, large and small, producing video for multiple platforms, from digital & web to broadcast & events. Our work spans writing, producing, filming and post-production. Please browse our portfolio and if you like what you see get in touch!


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Shine – Australia’s Next Top Model

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Our Services

Ten80 offer a full range of video production services from planning through to post production, working across marketing, events, digital and broadcast.


Ten80 work with companies and institutions advising on how to use the medium of video within their marketing and communications efforts. In a digital world, you have to compete for the attention of your audience or customers. In a fractured digital space, video allows you to unify and tailor your message, and deliver it in the most powerful way. Use video to educate or demonstrate, inform and inspire, or persuade and sell. Going forward, integrating video within your wider digital communications is key, and we’re happy to advise at strategy stage.



Video production is a creative pursuit. From turning copy into script, from storyboarding to filming, from editing to animating, Ten80 provide a full gamut of creative services. We put your audience first and create content and films which entertain and inform, delivering your message in the most compelling way.


Ten80 own and operate our own HD and 4k cameras, lighting and sound kit, and we travel extensively. We have a cost efficient approach and employ high production values, ensuring we make the most of your budget while guaranteeing stand-out work. We pride ourselves on our experience and technical expertise and we have appropriate solutions for all manner of marketing, digital and comms work.


Studio Production

In the UK, Ten80 operate out of studio facilities which are simply unparalled within the scope of marketing/comms/digital production. Our studio boasts the largest permanent green screen in the north east of england, and features autocue for presentation/scripted work. Frankly there’s not much we couldn’t film in our studio!

Editing & Post

We love editing. There’s huge satisfaction in combining shots and building sequences; knitting together killer images, a persuasive narrative and a stomping track. The Ten80 edit studio is fully equipped and we are skilled practitioners in the use of Premier, FCP, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve and a host of other tools.

Audio recording/mixing

Ten80 operate from a studio which offers state of the art audio recording and mixing. With two live rooms and a studio equipped with mac / pro tools Ten80 provide the highest quality of recording and can deliver mixes for music, radio, television, and of course our own productions.


Angela and the feds push Tommy to flip on Lobos or spend his life in prison, while Ghost considers doing the honorable thing.


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